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  • V-HP-TF Vacuum Evaporator
  • V-HP-TF Vacuum Evaporator
  • V-HP-TF Vacuum Evaporator
V-HP-TF Vacuum EvaporatorV-HP-TF Vacuum EvaporatorV-HP-TF Vacuum Evaporator

V-HP-TF Vacuum Evaporator

  • Feature: Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporation
  • Temperature: 35-40 ℃
  • Concentration Rate: 90-95%
  • Cooling: Air Cooling
  • Description: V-HP-SF Vacuum Evaporator for Industrial Wastewater

The process is full automatic.

At starting by simple pushing of the START button, the vacuum pump starts and sucks the air

from the evaporation vessel and the connected circuits.

The PROCESS FLUID is automatically sucked into the evaporation vessel by the depression created by the vacuum pump. The flow rate is regulated by the automatic opening and closing of the feeding valve controlled by the signal of the working level switch. The liquid in the vessel is in contact with the coil heat exchanger and it is slightly heated and the evaporation starts from 25-28°C. During the process, the liquid is circulated between the vessel and the concentrate circuit by concentrate pump: this function avoids its stratification and increases the concentration level.The heat is supplied by the heat pump circuit: the compressor compresses the gas into the

coil. By compression, the gas increases in temperature and can heat the surface exchanger. After

heating, the gas is cooled down as refrigerant and flows to the upper section of the vessel to cool the upper coil exchanger. The heat pump circuit is of course a loop and the gas is never in direct contact with the liquid or the surrounding area.

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